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Duels of swimming [Swimming]

I and my son went to Setouchi Hot Spring Swimming Pool.
We had duels of swimming. He is my best rival.
I eclipse my best time, and won by a nose in crawl stroke.
I could save my faterly face by close shave. XD

1. Crawl stroke 50m
Winner : keisuke (50") Loser: son (51")
2. Breast stroke 50m
Winner : son (1'02") Loser : keisuke (1'10")
3. Butterfly stroke 50m
Winner : son (58") Loser : keisuke (I can't swim the butterfly)

Setouchi Hot Spring Swimming Pool

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Shy boy [Diving]

He always hide in a hard coral. Who is he?

It is too far, isn't it?
Because of the bottom blanketed with the table corals, I could not
take hold anywhere. I poped the shutter a few times, while flying in over him.
I had to keep the neutral buoyancy all the while. XD

Let's trim the above photo. Could you see?


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