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Ski Jam Katsuyama Snowboarding [Snowboard]

Sunday morning, we deperted from my mother's house, and went to Ski Jam Katsuyama.
Last night, it had snow. So the condition of the slope was so good. I really enjoyed snowboarding.

Snowdoarding No.6
Ski Jam Katsuyama

Ichirino-Onsen Snowboarding [Snowboard]

I went snowboarding to Ichirino-Onsen Ski Resort with my friends.
After snowboarding, we stayed at my mother's house, Kanazawa city.
My mother gave a feast for us. We enjoyed the food from Japanese sea.

Snowbording No.5

It may be possible I improve in swimming. [Swimming]

I learned swimming the crawl from my colleague.
I had a big problem with flutter kick as I suspected. =< So I tried to set right about flutter kick.


Is it possible I improve in swimming? [Swimming]

Next Sunday, I will learn swimming the crawl from my colleague.
He is a tough swimmer, swim 50m in 30 seconds.
I am a easy swimmer, swim 50m in 60 seconds.


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A Happy New Year! [Snowboard]

This year, I practice snowboarding with heart and soul.


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