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Ko Phuket Diving Tour : Sightseeing (4th day/4days)  [Sightseeing]

Today is Last day of Phuket Diving Tour.
We must stay more than 24hours from the last diving to getting on
a airplane, because of prevention of decompression disease.
So, we went sightseeing, shopping, and massage.


Ko Phuket Diving Tour : Ko Racha Noi (3rd day/4days) [Diving]

The sea of Ko Racha Noi was deep deep blue.
Ko Racha Noi means "Royal small island",and located in south side of Ko Racha Yai.
It is in the broad ocean, and so the water is clear and bright.

Deep Blue.


Ko Phuket Diving Tour : Ko Racha Yai (2nd day/4days) [Diving]

Ko Racha Yai means "Royal Big Island", but it is a small
island located in south side of Phuket.
There are much beautifl coral and many kind of tropical fishes.
After the lanch, I swam in the beautifl bay. The boat crew
thew bananas in near me, and many many fishes gather toward me,
like piranhas. I swam away desperately.

In the Bay.


Ko Phuket Diving Tour : Paradise Reef (1st day/4days): [Diving]

I have come to Ko Phuket, Thailand for Diving.
We arriveed this morning, and went diving to Paradise Beach.
There are many kind of fishes I never saw.

After the first diving, we landed on Paradise Beach.
I ate fried rice with pineapple. Yummy!

When I swam at the beach after the lunch, a sharksucker sucked
my breast. I felt prickliness, so I was supprised, and tried to swim away.
But the sharksucker stalked me for a little. It was a strange experience.

Patong Beach

Skunk Anemone Fish


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JRCA Water Safety [Swimming]

I resieve the certification card of JRCS Water Safety.
And I upload some photos.


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