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KASHIWAJIMA Diving [Diving]

I've gone to KASHIWAJIMA for the diving.
We watched a lot of dikkops. The YUZEN is still staying at Tsutomezaki.
Taking a picture of dikkop is too difficult for me. I need more practice...


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Planting grass wracks [Diving]

I attended the event that planting grass wracks on the bed of the sea.
In SETONAIKAI, on the north side of SHIKOKU island, sea grasses
are coming down rapidly.
We dived about 2m with scuba, and planted a lot of grass wracks.
They will become habitats and spawning beds of fishes.


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CHIRIHAMA Beach Swimming [Swimming]

I and my son went to Chirihama Beach, Ishikawa Pref.
The beach is little strange. We can drive on the sand beach
by a normal car, because of the sand of very fine grains.


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KASHIWAJIMA Divind [Diving]

I've gone to Kashiwajima for diving.
Our diving guide had good eyes.
We could watch a lot of shrimps and crabs.
They are master at mimic.
Can you find them?


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