Mother has a strong spirit. [Diving]

She is a Kintyaku-gani, blooding many eggs.
She is swinging the poisonous actiniae in defense of eggs.


Cleaner [Diving]

The Upper big fish is Tsubame-uo, and lower small fish is

Look out! You look pray!


Blue Surgeonfish [Diving]

She is Blue Surgeonfish, known as "Dory" of "Finding Nemo".
Why is she called "Surgeon"?
Because she has some spain with a sharp blade.
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Symbiotic shrimps [Diving]

It was holiday today because of local festival.
I went diving to Okino-shima once again.

In October, we can meet many kinds of large size migratory fish.
So we selected broad ocean points. But we couldn't meet them.
Instead of that, we enjoyed small beings.
They are symbiotic shrimps.

She hid in the salients of the sea cucumber.

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After diving (DOGO-ONSEN) [Diving]

It was so exciting diving today.

We went to Dogo hot spring on the way to the home.

(Photo by Fuda-san)

The bath felt good !

(Photo by Fuda-san)