Aloe is full bloom [Flower]

It was fine today.

Why dose this flower of Aloe have a dew?
I tried to take a lick....Sweetish!
Probably it is honeydew. Wisdom of desertic plant?

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Christmas Eve [Food]

I am not Christian. But I would like to celebrate every holy days.


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Strange Weather [Rain]

It was cold day, and strange weather today.
I took some photo through the window.


Preventive shot against Influenza. [Health]

Today, I got a preventive shot against influenza.
Last January, I had A type influenza, then I had fever over
40 degC. It was terrivle experience. The cost, 2000yen is
not expensive for me.
This winter, I keep immune strength, and practice hard
Snow Boarding.

Receiving Bizen-yaki [Ceramics]

We receive the ceramics, we made at Bizen.
I lost no time in drinking beer with my Beer Mug.
It was so nice taste.